The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross

L’excellent Alex Ross aura droit à son artbook dans le courant du mois de Novembre présentant ses multiples travaux chez Dynamite. De Kirby à Vampirella, ce livre sera l’occasion pour tous ses fans d’avoir entre leurs mains une anthologie regroupant croquis, crayonnés, couvertures, planches et bien plus encore du peintre américain bien connu pour son talent dans notre petit monde de comics.

Alex Ross’ ultra-realistic, painted renditions of iconic superheroes have made him a superstar. In the vein of acclaimed and fan-favorite Alex Ross books such as Mythologies and Rough Justice, we are proud to present the ultimate collection of Alex Ross art from his extensive collaboration with Dynamite, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross. Containing sketches, designs, layouts and pencils, interior work, covers, and a wealth of unpublished art, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross can be found at comic stores everywhere this coming November! 
« For all people who had been interested in my art before but may not have taken a close look at the many projects I’ve served on with Dynamite Entertainment, this book is the perfect collection of all of that work in one, » says legendary artist Alex Ross. « I’m thrilled to finally have a portfolio-like collection of these images that can stand next to my work with other publishers. »

« Alex Ross’s artwork hit the comics industry like an atom bomb, ushering in a new era of heroic realism, » states Marvels and Kirby: Genesis collaborator Kurt Busiek. « And the shockwaves are still echoing. I’ve been working with Alex for over 20 years now, and new work from him is always a thrill. »

La preview de ce artbook est disponible sur Newsrama, alors n’hésitez pas une seconde jetez vous dessus (après tout, pourquoi s’en priver ?)!

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